10 Practical Ways to Improve your Online Customer Service

While their primary job is answering inquiries and ensuring that people get help quickly, they do so much more than that. Here are the top online customer service best practices to put in place, whether you’re just starting your support team or you’re looking for some new things to keep your strategy fresh. Maintaining a great customer experience does more than benefit your customers.

How To Handle Online Customer Queries

Notify your customers about product changes, pricing changes, or maintenance actions before they happen. Include an FAQ about your product or service along with your order confirmation. Even though these spaces are community-led, you should check in regularly to set guidelines and monitor feedback. A dedicated Community Manager can engage with users to answer common questions and show appreciation. But now, you have access to the various perspectives of many, many more people, some of whom you might not even know personally. And even if you don’t have an ‘in real life relationship’, their opinions can be highly influential in what you’re willing to spend your money on.

Measure customer service metrics regularly

Apologize to them for their inconvenience and invite them to follow up privately to discuss options and resolve the issue. Your customer’s complaint may remain online, but other users will notice that you took the time to respond and further discuss the issue. Not all organizations take the time to respond to customer issues online, and many that do respond with canned, automated responses.

As a result, the agent does not have to switch between programs and requests. LiveAgent also offers the ability to create e-mail templates, create macros and knowledge bases. In addition, you have access to reports and analyses that allow you to analyze the quality of customer service on an ongoing basis. Online customer service channels are uniquely suited for tracking these numbers. While phone calls and in-person service must be manually tracked, your customers’ online interactions can be automatically added to your CRM or ticketing software. Add those data points above together and you’ll understand why you can’t ignore online customer service.

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Ensure the quality of your support and adherence to business rules via SLAs. Keep track of all your issues’ statuses and build powerful automations around them. Interviews and highlights of how some of How To Handle Online Customer Queries our customers thrive. From product deep dives to think pieces on various industries, we offer our thoughts on a variety of topics. Stay on top of software licensing for engineering platforms and more.

Customer Support Features

They can act out how each side might handle the given scenario, and once they resolve the issue, they switch places. This article is for customer service agents and business owners who want to train their staff to deal with dissatisfied customers more effectively. Trevor Rappleye, CEO and storyteller at CorporateFilming.net, suggests answering the phone on the first ring. Doing so, he said, sends a positive message to your consumers, which is an attractive quality. Having a live chat feature is also helpful, too, because it allows you to provide quick answers to clients. Poor customer service doesn’t affect current customers, it influences potential customers too.

How To Handle Online Customer Queries

You must pay close attention to their feedback, whether good or bad. Domino’s Pizza improved its recipe and viola–their sales improved by 14.3% in 2010 versus the previous year. The company’s successful handling of a brand mistake continued to pay handsome dividends. Domino’s even overtook erstwhile leader Pizza Hut to become number one in 2017.

Offer self-service resources.

It’s a great way to share information quickly, clearly and efficiently, especially when we’re all exposed to so much content online. When first developing a FAQ, start by polling your customer service department and directly reaching out to customers to find the most common and important questions prospects may have. During the holiday season, it’s important for businesses like yours to always think about how you can deliver value to shoppers and customers. After all, your customers are your company’s most precious asset. If a business doesn’t treat its customers well, its reputation might spread, shrinking the customer base and making it harder to acquire new customers at the beginning of the year. Consider offering your service team training in conflict resolution, de-escalation, emotional intelligence, and written communication.

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More happy customers mean higher sales, increased market share, and better profits. And to help ensure you keep your eye on the ball, it’s best that you use only the most effective customer service solutions. Providing great customer service means meeting and surpassing customer expectations. It entails consistently undertaking a number of best practices. The worst could happen if you don’t know how to handle complaints from your clients. First, you should realize that your customers will always complain no matter how good your products/services are.

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Customer-led communities allow people to share their knowledge and experiences with your products and services. SnapEngage is a tool that allows you to send URLs within Twitter to initiate a live chat session. Enabling Tweet-to-chat can increase customer satisfaction and reduce support email volume. Complaint management software can help make keeping track of social media even easier. For example, you can easily configure Issuetrak to create an issue whenever your organization gets mentioned on Twitter, Facebook, or any other social site you’d like to monitor. The application grabs relevant information from the post including the name and the username of the user, the content of the post, and the time the post was published.

How To Handle Online Customer Queries

Acquiring a new customer costs five times as much as retaining the ones you already have. Changing your strategy and following online customer service best practices can make the difference between massive churn problems or long-term success. Make sure your employees are well-acquainted with your products and services, as well as trained in customer service. If the above does happen to you, you can assure your customer that customer service reps are receiving training. Plus, offer to send additional information about the product.

How To Handle Online Customer Queries

If a great customer service means success, customer service failure is largely about broken promises. Keeping your brand promises should be the bedrock that supports everything a company does. Deploying reliable customer support automation tools will ensure you’ll always have a responsive team 24/7. Bigger, more complicated issues must be given more resources to enable quicker resolution. Customer support solutions like Freshdesk empowers supervisors and team leaders to quickly gain actionable insights on what’s actually happening on the floor.

Talking about the weather is another way to establish common ground. Realistically, every customer service situation must be handled on a case-by-case basis according to the issue and staffing you have. If you can’t solve a customer’s problem immediately, acknowledge them and let them know you’ll be right with them and working toward solving their problem.

  • They reach out with a customer service response when warranted.
  • These resources will help reduce the number of support requests that come in.
  • They must know your products or services inside and out so they can answer questions confidently.
  • Excellent online customer support leads to happy customers who talk about your product or service with future customers.
  • It offers a free, 21-day trial that supports an unlimited amount of agents.
  • It eliminates the frustration of long call center wait times.

Documenting them can help you identify flaws, issues, and trends. It could be a product glitch that you need to immediately address. Or maybe it’s a campaign-specific complaint that your marketing department can look into. Whatever the case, make sure to record all customer complaints for future use.

  • The software can be accessed on the web and Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS devices.
  • Email etiquette and efficient phone skills come in handy when you’re dealing with an online customer.
  • The better you understand your target market, the more you’ll be able to focus your ads and reach the audience most likely to convert into customers.
  • They’re upset about how the product or service did not meet their needs.
  • Customers generally switch brands because they are put off by untrained or rude support professionals.
  • We’ve scoured the internet to identify these 10 best customer service practices that truly live up to customer expectations.

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