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Here it is: the Book or Documents R.G. Stair does not want the world to see. This man claims to be The Prophet of God. Snare ( as some of us call him ) is just a cult leader. With this information documented, you will know the truth. Read it and see if he has repented of everything, and see if it’s as he says: “God has forgiven him.”

This book was offered on the Sky Angel Christian Dish system that goes into 6.5 million homes! Since Printing this we have been attacked over and over by Stair’s people putting out Trash about this ministry which he knows nothing about!

The aftermath was that he was arrested but got probation and was sued for a large amount of money and he lost and is paying an undisclosed amount back.

No matter what is said about this ministry or me this truth does not change!

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End Time music by Brother Ben and Remnant,
The End Time Band.
We have uploaded 7 songs from Brother Ben that you can listen to by clicking the links below. A CD with more of these songs is available for a $20 donation.

Track List
He’s In Control
Only You
You Are My Savior
The Message
The Pruning
Come Out My People
Revelation 18 Song
or Play All 7 songs

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Radio Archives

Prophecy Hour Radio Archives
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