Members alluded to those basic facts due to its tales so when self-claimed in the group data

Members alluded to those basic facts due to its tales so when self-claimed in the group data

Attitudes of title unintended pregnancy

Newest discourse related unintended pregnancy are showed because the an issue as the not in favor of public determinants that often encompass they, instance poverty and shortage of entry to punctual and you will high quality medical care. It revealed the battles having financing, performs, school and you may health insurance. They were similar concerns conveyed because of the teenagers into the a recent analysis that have an example out-of Latino participants. Gomez ainsi que al. (2018) said homes since the a factor that influenced unacceptability regarding a pregnancy. High descriptive training that merely manage sexual behavior and then leave out of the personal and you can social framework, build the fresh identities ones ladies as reckless, uncontrollable, and also in necessity of social functions. That it inaccurate narrative causes it to be difficult to develop courses and you may selection that get to the underlying causes of unintended maternity disparities.

Attitudes out-of pregnancy think

While in the interview, members mentioned staying away from contraception otherwise playing with strategies inconsistently. Specific women detailed that they were using birth-control at first of their relationship, but when the relationship became a small major otherwise once a beneficial couple of months from relationship, they deserted explore. The fresh new conclusions reflect that Edin and you will Kefalas 2005, whoever professionals with the same demographics, claimed an identical brand of event with birth prevention. Today, once we have more birth prevention solutions, social and you will linguistic distinctions generate Latinas prone to misinformation otherwise misunderstanding birth control choice.

The brand new operate regarding deliberately seeking to package a maternity was unfamiliar to a lot of of your own players. Arteaga, Canton and you can Gomez (2019), including advertised equivalent results certainly young people within analysis, discovered even though many professionals consider the very thought of family relations thought is greatest, it absolutely was simply not a relevant style. The thought of maternity considered not outstanding to the people doesn’t mean that women was available to a maternity. Such as fourteen ladies said, they certainly were seeking to end pregnancy. To handle maternity avoidance, Rocca and you may Associates (2019), set-up a level exploring values to which lady judgemental to cease maternity. The scale addresses the brand new openings understood on the books having enhanced procedures of pregnancy objectives (Rocca mais aussi al. 2019)

For some women, considered a maternity you will evoke a sense of dissatisfaction and you may guilt when they did not conceive according their desired timeline. Whenever revealing so it dissatisfaction, females referenced most other women it realized who had unproductive tries to conceive if the maternity try organized.

Ideas regarding joy from the maternity

Of several players noticed ladies are happier about their pregnancy once they features personal assistance and you may greet from their partners and you will nearest and dearest. not, a lot of women within this studies reported lacking a recently available lover and you can stated maybe not feeling happy regarding their unintended pregnancy. This contrasts having another study you to receive of numerous overseas-created Latinas reported are notably happier regarding the unintended pregnancy than others (Harnett 2012). The fresh findings observed focus on the complexities out-of exploring glee off maternity hence there could be distinctions considering nativity.


This study isn’t without constraints. Earliest, the outcome of your own data may be determined by the latest interviewer’s Latina ethnicity and private biases. So you’re able to reduce biases, community cards was in fact kept reflecting with the researcher’s own subjectivity. In addition, this new researcher did member inspections and collaborated with an expert panel to compliment new validity of data. 2nd, ladies who volunteered to sign tapaaminen sinkku pullea naiset up it inquiry may be some other of people that didn’t agree to participate. 3rd, the study conclusions was centered on participants’ perceptions, bear in mind and you may translation of their resided experience so details of experiences otherwise events was excluded. Even after these faults as well as the fact that a somewhat small number of women interviewed, we’re convinced of having attained thematic saturation as a result of the repeating mention of certain maxims one of participants.

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