How We Got Started

Mark 9:23 Jesus said unto him, If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth

Greetings Saints,

Many of you do not know how I got started in feeding the homeless and poor. One night late after the Sabbath on the First Day of the Week (Sunday maybe 3 AM plus in the morning) the Lord would not let me rest. He” Kept telling me ” you are going to be feeding the homeless” I laughed Lord I can hardly pay rent on our building in Wichita, how can I feed the Homeless.

This was a big undertaking. He would not let me rest. Over And Over Feed My People; Finally It was brought to my mind and heart that the poor in Israel sit outside the shops on preparation day with baskets. As the Women go in to get what they need for Shabbat, They look down in the baskets and see what the poor lack. When they come out they add to the poor’s baskets. “Could you not at least do as much; help with one meal a Sabbath meal?” Okay finally I said if you let me rest I would commit to it. I did on my Prophetic News Service saying our ministry would start providing a Sabbath meal for the Homeless. After that my Father let me rest. Not knowing how I was to do it. The next Tuesday I went to Wichita. Tuesday?s has always been my one of my days for being there. I checked around not getting man answers from SRS and other agencies I checked with the Union Rescues Mission.

They said that were two ladies in the park stealing their people. They were feeding over a hundred people a day. I knew this was where I was supposed to go. I headed over to the park that for years as long as I could remember it was called ?Wino Park?. I parked and walked into the Park there were the two ladies. They had just gotten done feeding the people. I felt a little taken back but I just walked up and said, ? Do you need any help? The Father kept me up all night Sat. night telling me I was to help feed his people? One lady Granny, said that it was the same time she was prying for help. I told her I was unsure what I was going to be able to do but I felt that this was where I was supposed to be. They were feeding over a hundred people a day! I drove home praying and wondering how I was to help. This was July of 2000 and I did have some things I could take her. I drove home 60 miles and informed my wife sister Linda who helped me put together some things. I drove back over another 60 miles and went to Granny’s home.

Her and the other lady Janie was getting ready to go feed under a bridge. Two women going under a dark bridge to feed people? Did I want to go? Of course I went. I anointed with oil and prayed over two men that night I could not even see in the dark. Wow! Home I went and put the story out on the Internet, on our Prophetic News Service. Clearly I need help and a large confirmation as the Flesh is weak.

I told the story that night. The day when I got up Steve Quayle who then had Safe trek foods was on my machine. I wondered what he wanted. Finally I answered the phone to him about 3 PM I think in the afternoon. I had told the Father I needed a big confirmation as I had no money, how could I help and commit to this. I had only committed to a Sabbath meal and these two ladies were feeding 100 plus a day and also many taken into their home. So Steve was on the phone and he asked something like ? is this Dan? ?yes? I meekly said. What could Steve want with me. I had gotten his email address somewhere and had been sending him The Prophetic News Service off and on but what could this man want with me. He said, ? Can you accept a shipment of food? ? ? I did not order any food? I told him. ?No a donation.? ?Okay yes just ship it here.? I said. He said; ? I do not think you understand do you have a fork lift?? Well by the time I got phone with him I found a semi truck was coming with at least $20,000 worth of food and drinks on it. Food for three meals a day for some time! Steve and I had no connection to each other. Recently he felt he should have me on the Q-files

To try and gain us some support for our work with the poor that is still going on two years later Granny stopped feeding by November of 2000. Find more info about private investigator near me in CT at I then found out what the Father had told Steve that day in his warehouse it went something like this Steve said to me on the air ? Hours after you sent me that email, This is to give God the Glory, I was over in the warehouse and I actually heard the voice of the Lord say to me ?Steve these are people who need to be fed, and I want you to stand with Brother Dan on this? Within hours The Father had brought us together for a purpose and given me the confirmation that I needed to get me fired up. I had enough food to get going until other food sources would come forward. This has been a ministry of Faith from the beginning. It Still Is!

In Yeshua Messiah’s Love and Service, Bro. Dan ?Pastor Of Messiah’s Branch